Tearce 'Kizzo' Keaz is an explosive new talent who at just 24 is already snapping at the heels of global superstardom. He's a producer who stands out from the crowd with his ability to focus in on the minutiae of current trends and his roaring inferno of pure ambition that threatens to scorch anyone who stands in his way. 

Every would-be superstar needs a great mentor to keep them grounded and help him navigate the rocky waters of fame. Kizzo was fortunate enough to be guided by several, including Niels Walboomers, who signed him to a publishing deal when Kizzo was just 18. Later, Kizzo had the good fortune of obtaining representation by DME Entertainment in the United States after being introduced to the well-known entertainment attorney and manager, David M. Ehrlich, who, because of his experience in working with producers, was a natural fit. Tony Scott, Johan't Hart, Mitch Crown and Örjan Graafmans all had a hand in tutoring this young star. The result is a maturity and an understanding of the business of music that belies his young years. 

His influences include artists from the urban music canon, performers like Run DMC, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Timbaland, Quincy Jones and Alicia Keys. However, what is perhaps most revealing is his unwavering respects for the likes of Bryan-Michael Cox, Danjahandz and Darkchild. For anyone remotely connected with the music business these are the industry's true celebrities. Producers of the biggest records for the biggest stars (think Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake or Mary J Blige) are hit-makers first and foremost. Kizzo has the talent, the work ethic and the team to do the same.

Kizzo's early career as a producer traveled on a steady upward trajectory. Successes in the Dutch charts began to pile up and his record Show me became the title track for the European release of the Hollywood film Step Up 2. It was soon only a matter of time before an inevitable big break. 

In 2009, Kizzo's song Silly Boy was leaked on YouTube. The song was widely rumored to be a new Lady Gaga/Rihanna collaboration. The mislabeling together with the top quality production of the song generated significant exposure for Kizzo, ultimately racking up well over 10 million views, a slew of positive comments, and a general buzz around this hot new producer, proving beyond doubt that Kizzo's finger was right on the pulse of popular music. The track subsequently charted in seven countries, entering the top 40 in the Benelux, Australian and German charts and sealing Kizzo's reputation as a talented producer. Since that time, Kizzo has stayed busy, working with a number of artists around the world, superstars and developing artists alike, and he has recently signed a multi-year music publishing deal with Sony ATV.

Kizzo's Current projects include work with pop sensations Blush. Blush is an all girl supergroup from five different Asian nations signed to the label established by videogame giant Electronic Arts. The project is helmed by Steven Schnur (Grammy Foundation Chair Emeritus). The group recently opened for Justin Bieber in Japan and have collaborated with Snoop Dogg on their latest single Undivided. Kizzo has also collaborated with Chinese megastar Han Geng on his track No Logo. Han Geng's popularity in China is so great that in 2008 he became the first boyband member in history to carry the Olympic Torch, at the Beijing Olympics. 

Kizzo has worked with a number of US-based artists as well, including rising actress and musician Manika Ward for whom Kizzo produced a majority of her forthcoming debut album, including her recently released collaboration with Lil Twist (signed by Lil Wayne) on Just Can't Let You Go. Kizzo has also worked with the irrepressible Tania Christopher and ex-Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta, having produced Tania Christopher's album, A Piece Of Me, in its entirety. The album as well as its lead single Heatprotector feat. The Jackie Boyz has remained in the iTunes Japan R&B charts for several weeks as has Same Spot, a collaboration between Kizzo, Tania Christopher and Eshan which reached #1 in the charts. Last, but certainly not least, Kizzo recently wrote and produced I Wanna Be Bad for Jessica Sutta. 

Immediate plans for the future though are dominated by a Kizzo solo project, the realisation of a long-time ambition to have music released under his own name "Kizzo". His first single, This Time, featuring Bloodline (the writing team behind Jamaican sensations Brick N' Lace), is out soon on Europe's number 1 Dance Label Spinnin' Records.