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Take Me To The Pilot
Take Me To The Pilot (TMTTP) are a Winnipeg, Manitoba-based pop rock outfit consisting of guitarist/vocalist Mike Bilenki, guitarist Eric Grabowecky, bassist Adam Brown and drummer Jon Stanners.

Under the guidance and supervision of Dale Penner (Nickelback, Holly McNarland) the band have been amassing a host of achievements despite their ephemeral existence. From sold-out shows during five successful tours where they played formore than 20,000 fans at more than 120 shows across Canada (the band is booked by The Agency Group), rotation on major Canadian stations, their music being featured in Degrassi, YTV, and Metro14, the "envy pick" for last fall's MuchMusic "Discovered" (formely disBand) series, attention in national publications and more, TMTTP has quickly amassed thousands of ravenous fans across the nation. 

Reflecting upon the impetus behind TMTTP, Bilenki said:

I've always loved great pop tunes. I grew up as a pop-punk kid but had gotten to a place where I felt that the music I loved wasn't cool, so I focused on classic rock for a long time. After being part of a classic rock band for four years, it was time for a change. I just wrote whatever would come out, no pretences, no expectations. Those are the songs you hear on Take Me To The Pilot.

We straddle the line between pop/punk-based rock and pure pop music. Our songs have guitars you can rock out to but also feature beats you can dance to. There's no pretence and no worries: it's music with hooks you can sing, lyrics you'll remember and is simply a whole lot of fun. Most of what influenced this record was underground talent such as Making April, My Favorite Highway, The Dangerous Summer, with names like Jimmy Eat World, Blink-182, and older stuff like Elton John and Queen. Anything I can learn from, I try to learn from.

Download the EP HERE